Green silicon carbide for diamond tools

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Green silicon carbide has a high hardness, and its hardness is between corundum and diamond. Many properties are similar to diamond. Green silicon carbide is used as an auxiliary material for diamond tools. The combination of the two plays a big advantage.
1. Since the coefficient of linear expansion of green silicon carbide is slightly larger than that of diamond, it is still of the same order of magnitude, and the two are very close; while the coefficient of linear expansion of other metals in the binder is generally much larger than that of diamond and green silicon carbide, and It tends to be an order of magnitude larger. The green silicon carbide can adjust the expansion coefficient, eliminate the interfacial stress, and ensure that the interface of each layer is well combined, preventing the delamination and delamination, and in particular, can effectively prevent the bending deformation of the honing stone.
2, green silicon carbide and diamond density is very close, hardness is also very close to diamond and higher than metal materials, and the same as diamond processing and processing of brittle non-metallic materials, so green silicon carbide as a diamond auxiliary abrasive with it can improve the metal The wear resistance of the bonding agent prevents the non-diamond layer from being worn too fast; it is applied to the diamond saw blade to protect the welding surface of the substrate.
3. From the perspective of economical practicability, the purchase price of green silicon carbide is negligible compared with diamond. Green silicon carbide is also much cheaper than common metal powder binders, and generally varies ten to ten times. Therefore, the use of green silicon carbide in place of the diamond or metal bond partially improves the performance of the tool while not only regulating the performance of the bond, but also reducing the cost of the tool raw material.
Green silicon carbide is used in diamond tools. The two are perfectly matched because the two have similar properties, and the green silicon carbide is cheap and saves production costs.

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