Nano-scale green silicon carbide can be used as a measurement tool

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Through intensive research by scientists, an ultra-precision ruler has recently been developed. The ruler is made of a material with a relatively hard texture of green silicon carbide, and the scale is accurate to the nanometer level.
Green silicon carbide is hard and difficult to process, and researchers have developed a new processing technology. They heated the green silicon carbide into an ultra-vacuum environment to about 2000 degrees Celsius and then cut the surface. Using this processing technology, the researchers succeeded in forming a stepped structure on the surface of the green silicon carbide material. The "step" of each step of the step is 0.5 nanometer, which is equivalent to a scale of the ruler. According to reports, the researchers can also make the height of the "step" 0.76 nm and 1 nm.
Researchers say that this ultra-precision ruler can be widely used in many fields involving nanotechnology, such as ultra-precision instruments, computer central processing units, and large-scale integrated circuits. The new ruler's corrosion resistance is also superior to the traditional silicon precision ruler.
The field of nano-scale green silicon carbide application will be more and more extensive, bringing a lot of convenience to people, which will be the direction of future research of scientists, and is committed to more in-depth research.

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