Specific use of green silicon carbide

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Green silicon carbide contains more than 99% SiC and has good self-sharpness. It is mostly used for processing hard alloys, titanium alloys and optical glass. It is also used for honing cylinder liners and fine grinding high speed steel tools. Green silicon carbide is suitable for processing hard alloys, glass, ceramics and non-metal materials. It is also used in semiconductor materials, high temperature silicon carbon rod heating elements, and far infrared source substrates. Let's take a look at the specific uses of green silicon carbide:
1, as an abrasive, can be used for grinding tools, such as grinding wheels, oil stone, grinding head, sand tiles and so on.
2. As a metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material;
3. High-purity single crystal, which can be used to manufacture semiconductors and manufacture silicon carbide fibers;
4, mainly used in crystal grinding, single crystal silicon wire cutting, ceramic polishing, and the manufacture of precision grinding wheels, filling and modification of plastic products, and many other fields;
5, can be used for crystal cutting and precision grinding, precision grinding of hard glass, slicing of single crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon rod, precision grinding of single crystal silicon wafer, processing of superhard metal, soft metal such as copper and copper alloy Processing, processing of a variety of resin materials, etc.;
6, is the ideal material for super fine oil stone;
7, has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance.
Green silicon carbide is widely used due to its stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and good wear resistance.

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