Green silicon carbide manufacturing method

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Everyone knows about green silicon carbide. It is a new type of material and a good raw material for making ceramics. However, most people don't know much about the production of green silicon carbide. Today, we introduce the production method of green silicon carbide:
The method for manufacturing green silicon carbide is the same as that of black silicon carbide, but the raw material used has high purity requirements. It is also formed at a high temperature of about 2200 ° C in an electric resistance furnace. It is green, translucent, hexagonal, and its Sic content is higher than black. The physical properties are similar to those of black silicon carbide, but the performance is slightly brittle, and it also has good thermal conductivity and semiconductor properties. According to the shape, it can be divided into a flat grinding wheel, a beveling grinding wheel, a cylindrical grinding wheel, a cup-shaped grinding wheel, a dish-shaped grinding wheel, etc.; according to the bonding agent, it can be divided into a ceramic grinding wheel, a resin grinding wheel, a rubber grinding wheel, a metal grinding wheel and the like. The characteristic parameters of the grinding wheel mainly include abrasive, viscosity, hardness, bonding agent, shape and size. Since the grinding wheel usually works at high speed, the slewing test (to ensure that the grinding wheel does not break at the highest working speed) and the static balance test (to prevent machine vibration during work) should be performed before use. After the grinding wheel has been in operation for a period of time, it should be trimmed to restore the grinding performance and the correct geometry.
It is a green transparent crystal. Industrial green silicon carbide differs in the type and content of impurities contained, and transparency varies with its purity. The crystal structure is divided into hexagonal or rhombohedral α-SiC and cubic β-SiC. Since α-SiC constitutes many different variants due to the different stacking sequences of carbon and silicon atoms in its crystal structure, more than 70 kinds have been found. When β-SiC is converted to α-SiC at 2100 ° C or higher, the industrial production method of green silicon carbide is refined in a resistance furnace with high-quality quartz sand and petroleum coke. The obtained green silicon carbide block is made into various particle sizes by crushing, acid-base washing, magnetic separation, screening or water selection.
The material structure of green silicon carbide can help the future production and application. At the time of use, attention should be paid to other chemicals.

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