Green silicon carbide is used in power electronics

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Green silicon carbide is a kind of semiconductor material, so it has its wide application in power electronic devices, which not only reduces the loss of electric energy, but also exerts its own advantages and overcomes many environmental problems.
Green silicon carbide power electronic devices will play an increasingly advantageous role in improving power utilization efficiency and miniaturization of power electronic devices. Green silicon carbide power electronic devices can improve the efficiency of power utilization to reduce power loss, because green silicon carbide devices have advantages in reducing on-resistance and reducing switching losses compared to silicon devices.
For example, in an inverter circuit composed of a diode and a switch tube, only the diode material is changed from silicon to green silicon carbide, and the power loss of the inverter can be reduced by about 15 to 30%. If the switch tube material is also replaced by SiC, Then the power loss can be reduced by more than half. Power electronic devices fabricated using green silicon carbide have three characteristics that enable the power converter to be miniaturized. Higher switching speeds, lower losses and higher operating temperatures.
Green silicon carbide devices can be switched at speeds that are several times faster than silicon devices. The higher the switching frequency, the easier it is to achieve miniaturization of energy storage and filtering components such as inductors and capacitors; the reduction in power loss and the reduction in heat generation are reduced, thus miniaturizing the power converter; and in terms of junction temperature, silicon devices The limit is reached at 200 ° C, and the green silicon carbide device can operate at higher junction temperatures and ambient temperatures, thus reducing or eliminating the cooling mechanism of the power converter.
In addition to power electronics, green silicon carbide is widely used in transmission systems, power distribution systems, electric locomotives, hybrid vehicles, various industrial motors, photovoltaic inverters, and wind power grid-connected inverters. Each field has its own advantages.

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