Use of nano-scale green silicon carbide radiation coating

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In recent years, green silicon carbide has been widely used in electronic information products, national defense, aerospace technology, high-precision grinding, etc. The emergence of nano-scale green silicon carbide has made its development prospects wider and brought a lot of convenience to people.
Nano-sized green silicon carbide radiation coatings are mainly used in various high-temperature industrial furnaces that do not directly contact the melt, such as metallurgical hot air furnaces, steel rolling furnaces, soaking furnaces, ceramic furnaces, and the like. Applying the paint to the inner wall of the lining effectively improves the blackness of the lining, improves the heat exchange in the furnace through the absorption of thermal energy and infrared radiation of the coating, improves the temperature field strength and uniformity in the furnace, and makes the fuel burn more fully, thereby increasing the thermal efficiency. Reduce energy consumption, save energy and protect furnace lining, extend lining life, and protect the environment.
Invested a large amount of funds and research and development jointly with several universities and scientific research institutions in China, and constantly improved the production technology and technology. The green silicon carbide powder used in the production of paints was put on the market for several years and was well received by customers.
Because nano-sized green silicon carbide has good thermal and thermal stability, the application of nano-scale green silicon carbide radiation coatings in industrial furnaces brings more benefits, improves the service life of the furnace and saves energy.

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