Green silicon carbide and black silicon carbide

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With the development of technology, green silicon carbide and black silicon carbide are more and more widely used. We may not know which product to choose when selecting. The following is the basic difference between them:
The abrasive market is currently dominated by the use of black-green silicon carbide. As a diamond-only silicon carbide, it is currently available on the market in terms of price and strength.
In the wear-resistant, polishing, coating, FRP and thermal conductive materials, cutting fluid and floor anti-corrosion engineering, there are a large number of applications and uses, especially in the steelmaking smelting, silicon carbide deoxidizer silicon is to reduce ferrosilicon, etc. Other charge products. Green silicon carbide also has excellent performance in fine polishing and thermal conductive materials.
In the current market, some of the better abrasive products such as corundum, silicon carbide, diamond, chrome corundum, etc., both black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide have their own merits.

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