Green silicon carbide micropowder application field

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The green silicon carbide micropowder is a product in which the green silicon carbide original block is further processed by ultrafine grinding. The equipment mainly consists of: Barmac crushing, Raymond grinding or ball milling mechanism powder. Ultrasonic and sieving out the meshes we use
1. Green silicon carbide can also cut, grind and polish brittle non-metallic materials such as optical glass, ceramics, crystal, electronics, crystal, silicon, germanium, stone, agate and jade jewelry, decorative materials, heating elements and thermal components.
2. Abrasives made of green silicon carbide are suitable for processing materials with high hardness and brittleness. The hardness is between corundum and diamond, and the mechanical strength is higher than that of corundum. Suitable for machining cylinder liners, valves, nozzles, oil pumps, bearings, cast iron, hard alloys, titanium alloys and fine-grained high-speed steel tools.
3, green silicon carbide can be used for consolidation and coating of abrasive tools, free grinding and polishing. Suitable for making grinding wheels, oil stone, sandpaper, abrasive cloth, construction grinding head, etc.
4. Green silicon carbide micropowder is used to make refractory materials.
5. Applicable to exterior wall coatings of various outdoor building bodies, coating of various non-ferrous metal objects, various exhaust gas treatments, etc., making full use of the anti-friction property of green silicon carbide micro-powder (can resist various strong friction). Corrosion resistance (can resist various strong chemical and corrosive substances such as acid and alkali), high temperature resistance (can resist high temperature up to 2000°C without melting), strong thermal shock resistance (resistant to various high strengths) Thermal storm, thermal shock), high stability and good fire and fire resistance.
6. It is suitable for the first layer of lining material in the casting shell of high melting point alloy.
7. Suitable for manufacturing high temperature seals, kiln structural parts, high temperature nozzles and filters, automotive, aerospace cylinders, valve plates, blades, combustion chambers, nozzles, chemical, textile, paper, geothermal and wear resistant High-tech ceramic parts such as high-temperature structural parts, electronic substrates, and military structures.
Therefore, green silicon carbide fine powder is formed. There are various specifications of W63-W1.5, and green silicon carbide powder W powder is mainly used for coatings, coatings, seals, etc., and it is developing more and more rapidly.

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